Phylogenetically informed spatial planning as a tool to prioritise areas for threatened plant conservation within a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot

Floristic patterns and ecological drivers of sand dune ecosystem along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt

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Seed morpho-colorimetric analysis on some Tyrrhenian species of the Silene mollissima aggregate (Caryophyllaceae)

A comprehensive, genus-level time-calibrated phylogeny of the tree flora of Mediterranean Europe and an assessment of its vulnerability

Notulae to the Italian native vascular flora: 8

Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora: 8

Taxonomic discrimination of the Paeonia mascula group in the Tyrrhenian Islands by seed image analysis

Effects of zinc and lead on seed germination of Helichrysum microphyllum subsp. tyrrhenicum, a metal-tolerant plant

Effects of ecological factors on the antioxidant potential and total phenol content of Scrophularia striata Boiss

Seed germination ecology and salt stress response in eight Mediterranean populations of Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) Spach

New insights about economic plants during the 6th–2nd centuries BC in Sardinia, Italy

Notulae to the Italian native vascular flora: 7

Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora: 7

Inhibitory effect of rosemary essential oil, loaded in liposomes, on seed germination of Acacia saligna, an invasive species in Mediterranean ecosystems

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