Predicting the consequences of global warming on Gentiana lutea germination at the edge of its distributional and ecological range

A Common Approach to the Conservation of Threatened Island Vascular Plants: First Results in the Mediterranean Basin

Endemic and alien vascular plant diversity in the small Mediterranean islands of Sardinia: Drivers and implications for their conservation

Implementation of IUCN criteria for the definition of the Red List of Ecosystems in Italy

Mineralogy and Zn Chemical Speciation in a Soil-Plant System from a Metal-Extreme Environment: A Study on Helichrysum microphyllum subsp. tyrrhenicum (Campo Pisano Mine, SW Sardinia, Italy)

Structural heterogeneity and old-growthness: A first regional-scale assessment of Sardinian forests

A statistical approach to the morphological classification of Prunus sp. seeds

Breeding system and inbreeding depression in a translocated population of the endangered plant Dianthus morisianus (Caryophyllaceae)

Assessing the global conservation status of the rock rose Helianthemum caput-felis

Extraction, Characterization and Incorporation of Hypericum scruglii Extract in Ad Hoc Formulated Phospholipid Vesicles Designed for the Treatment of Skin Diseases Connected with Oxidative Stress

Differential Interpretation of Mountain Temperatures by Endospermic Seeds of Three Endemic Species Impacts the Timing of In Situ Germination

Morpho-Colorimetric Characterization of the Sardinian Endemic Taxa of the Genus Anchusa L. by Seed Image Analysis

Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oils obtained from leaves and flowers of Salvia hydrangea DC. ex Benth.

From waste to health: sustainable exploitation of grape pomace seed extract to manufacture antioxidant, regenerative and prebiotic nanovesicles within circular economy

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Notulae to the Italian native vascular flora: 9

Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora: 9

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Does Storage under Gene Bank Conditions Affect Seed Germination and Seedling Growth? The Case of Senecio morisii (Asteraceae), a Vascular Plant Exclusive to Sardinian Water Meadows

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High genetic diversity and presence of genetic structure characterise the endemics Ruta corsica and Ruta lamarmorae (Rutaceae)