Proposals for improvement of Annex I of Directive 92/43/EEC: Sardinia

Studies on archaeological olive fruitstones from the Archaic and Punic periods (7th–3rd century BC) of Sardinia, Italy

Seed germination reports for Teucrium massiliense and T. flavum subsp. glaucum (Lamiaceae)

Typification of 14 names in the Dianthus virgineus group (Caryophyllaceae)

Global and regional IUCN red list assessments: 12

Notulae to the Italian native vascular flora: 12

Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora: 12

A taxonomic revision of the Siler montanum group (Apiaceae) in Italy and the Balkan Peninsula

The vascular flora of the Marine Protected Area of “Capo Carbonara” (SE-Sardinia)

Positive interactions between great longhorn beetles and forest structure

Production of Pityrocarpa moniliformis (Benth.) Luckow & R.W. Jobson (Fabaceae) seedlings irrigated with saline water

Formulation of liposomes loading lentisk oil to ameliorate topical delivery, attenuate oxidative stress damage and improve cell migration in scratch assay

Niche Differentiation at Multiple Spatial Scales on Large and Small Mediterranean Islands for the Endemic Silene velutina Pourr. ex Loisel. (Caryophyllaceae)

Seed Germination Ecophysiology of Acacia dealbata Link and Acacia mearnsii De Wild.: Two Invasive Species in the Mediterranean Basin

Testing a global standard for quantifying species recovery and assessing conservation impact

Extraction of the antioxidant phytocomplex from wine-making by-products and sustainable loading in phospholipid vesicles specifically tailored for skin protection

Knowledge gaps and challenges for conservation of Mediterranean wetlands: Evidence from a comprehensive inventory and literature analysis for Sardinia

Importance of Plants with Extremely Small Populations (PSESPs) in Endemic-Rich Areas, Elements Often Forgotten in Conservation Strategies

Lista Rossa vol 2 Endemiti e altre specie minacciate

Fast and Accurate Discrimination of Brachiaria brizantha (A.Rich.) Stapf Seeds by Molecular Spectroscopy and Machine Learning

Where we Come from and where to Go: Six Decades of Botanical Studies in the Mediterranean Wetlands, with Sardinia (Italy) as a Case Study

Combining conservation status and species distribution models for planning assisted colonisation under climate change

From global to local scale: where is the best for conservation purpose?

Extraction of essential oil from Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss. (Lamiaceae), identification of two active compounds and evaluation of the antimicrobial properties

Hypericum scruglii Bacch., Brullo & Salmeri, a Potential Natural Remedy for Fibromyalgia: A Narrative Review

ConservePlants: An integrated approach to conservation of threatened plants for the 21st Century

Red list of threatened vascular plants in Italy

Conservation status of the Italian flora under the 92/43/EEC ‘Habitats’ Directive

Variability in chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil of Rosa × damascena Herrm. from mountainous regions of Iran

WOODIV, a database of occurrences, functional traits, and phylogenetic data for all Euro-Mediterranean trees

Combining conservation status and species distribution models for planning assisted colonisation under climate change

Spatial patterns of genus-level phylogenetic endemism in the tree flora of Mediterranean Europe

Native Plant Capacity for Gentle Remediation in Heavily Polluted Mines